Liligit (Feasts)

Clans also act together in one of the most important institutions of the Gitksan. This is the liligit or feast. Feasts are still practiced today in each of the six Gitksan communities and the events are held in a feast hall. They are held upon a death of a family member, the raising of a totem pole or the erection of a headstone and fence.

A feast is hosted by a House Group with the support of other members of the Clan. The guests are seated with the members of their House in accordance to their rank. They are fed a meal, given food to take home (so'o) as well as goods and xdaala (money).

All guests receive gifts in accordance to their rank for witnessing, confirming and remembering the business transactions that take place during the feast. Some guests are paid for special services they have previously rendered to the host.

As well as witnessing the business at hand the guests may confirm the boundaries of the House Group's territory, the ownership of its crest or songs, the history of the House and family relationships and names.