The administrative departments under the auspices of the Kispiox Band Council.

Membership and Lands

These services are offered by Kispiox Band with funding from Indian and Northern Affairs Canada.  The programs are administered according to their policies for membership and lands.

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Social Development

The Social Development program provides service to our membership under the direction of the Band Manager.

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Wilps Majagalee (House of Flowers) Kispiox Drop In

The Kispiox Drop In is operated under the Kispiox Band Administration office.  This program receives funding from the Gitksan Health Authority under Brighter Futures.  The staff at our Drop In provide activities for our youth with emphasis on culture and tradition.

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O & M

The Kispiox O & M department oversees the daily operation of our water treatment centre, the maintenance of our community buildings, roads and other operations under the Band.

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